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FATHER’S DAY – Ten key Responsibilities For Every Father

Happy Father’s Day! On this day, I want us as fathers and aspiring fathers to meditate on some truths.  Our Model or standard of fatherhood is God the Father. His greatest fatherhood tool is – LOVE. LOVE Drives God the Father to GIVE!

“Behold what manner of LOVE that the father has given unto us, that we might be called the sons of God.”
“For God so LOVED the world that He GAVE His ONLY begotten son”
God GAVE and GIVES before, during and after LIFE.

What Is Fatherhood?

Fatherhood is not a job like many think, but a MANDATE; CALLING & RESPONSIBILITY. Fatherhood is not a Title it’s a CALL TO DUTY. Every male with an offspring is a baby DADDY not a Father! Fatherhood begins with NURTURING right from the womb i.e when the child is conceived.

Ten Key Responsibilities of a Father – First to himself, and then to others:

1. LOVE – Receiving & Giving AGAPE-The Unconditional LOVE
First we MUST receive this LOVE from the Father of Fathers – For what we don’t have; We can’t Give.
Secondly We Give this LOVE to ourselves – For what we don’t believe we DESERVE; We DESPISE & ABUSE
Thirdly We Give Freely to our wives, children & others – Without Expecting anything in return

2. Nurturing – Feeding, Tending & Keeping – Spiritually, Psychologically, Intellectually, Emotionally & Physically (Nurture is Nature; Nature is a product of Nurture over time)
3. Learning, Development & Growth – Body (Strength, Stature); Spirit & Soul (Wisdom, Insight, Foresight, Knowledge, Understanding – Of Godliness(Spiritual); Earthliness(Environmental); Manliness(People & Emotions)
4. Direction, Discretion, Diligence, Discipline – Living it and Leading through Example.
5. Service; Selflessness; Succession; Significance – Living and Leading through Service and Selflessness,  Planning and Daily working towards Significance and Succession.
6. Providing – Supplying all needs. Using Money as a tool & Daily Building Self Worth through Esteem, Confidence & Belief for self and others
7. Attainment of Self Mastery – Discovery and Activation of Purpose, Gifts & Skills. Developing Competencies and Capacity – Motivating  & inspiring Self and others to #BeAllYouCanBe
8. A Model worthy of Emulation – In your Beliefs;Values; Behavior and Thinking : Are your Beliefs; Values & Thoughts really yours? Where did you inherit them from – Do you really want them and want to end up and want your children to be like the person you inherited them from?
9. Creating a Functional; Safe; Happy; Peaceful; Enabling Environment – (Home not a house) for yourself and others. Do you feel at peace and rest at home? It’s your responsibility to create that kind of place.
10.  Attainment of Mastery of yourself in Different Dimensions– as a King (Servant Leader in your home); Priest (The Spiritual head, connector & covering in your home); Prophet – (Knowing God’s Mind ahead & Speaking God’s heart at ALL Times in your home)

Our Heavenly Father is our Standard, He EMBODIES FATHERHOOD and today, we receive the grace to be like Him in Jesus name, AMEN.

father and family
Say this Affirmation With  Me : 
“I deserve and receive AGAPE LOVE from the Father of Fathers
AGAPE LOVE Drives me today and forever as a FATHER
I Give LOVE daily to myself, my wife, children and others with ease
I’m a Nurturer, I Feed,Tend & Keep EVERYONE – Spiritually, Psychologically, Intellectually, Emotionally & Physically
I Learn, Develop & Grow EVERYONE and myself inclusive – Body (Strength, Stature); Spirit & Soul (Wisdom, Insight, Foresight, Knowledge, Understanding – Of Godliness(Spiritual); Earthliness(Environmental); Manliness(People & Emotions)
I have Direction, Discretion, Diligence, Discipline.
I Live it and Lead others through my good example.
I Serve Humanity; Selflessly
I have a Succession & Significance  Plan and I execute this daily
I am a Provider
I Supply all my personal and family needs
I Use Money as a tool
I Daily Building EVERYONE’S Self Worth through Esteem, Confidence & Belief
I have Attained Self Mastery
I have Discovered and Activated mine and my family’s Purpose, Gifts & Skills We have Developed our  Competencies and Capacity
We are constantly Motivated & inspired Self to BeAllWeCanBe
i am a Model worthy of Emulation
My Beliefs;Values; Behaviours; Thinking are Modellwd after God the Father
My Home is Functional; Safe; Happy; Peaceful & Enabling .
i have Attained Self Mastery and I help others to do same daily
I am a King
I am a Servant Leader in my home
I am a Priest
I am the Spiritual head, connector & covering in my home
I am a Prophet
I Know God’s Mind ahead & I Speak God’s heart at ALL Times in my home
The Perfect Will of God Manifests I my Life and in the Lives of my Wife and Children Daily
I am Blessed”


The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola

Determine Your CQ: Take The Catalyst Character Quotient Test

All through the month of October, we’ve been discussing the series CHARACTER, goodwill and Godwill on all our platforms.

Like I have mentioned on the Be All You Can Be show and our daily Wisdom Nuggets For Today:

Anything you build or have can ONLY be sustained by CHARACTER, goodwill and Godwill

Anything you build or have, will be destroyed by lack of CHARACTER, goodwill and Godwill.

“Sow a thought, and you reap an act; Sow an act, and you reap a habit; Sow a habit, and you reap a character; Sow a character, and you reap a destiny” — Charles Reade
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“LOVE is Life and a Life Saver” – The Catalyst

Let’s BEaWARE of the world’s Deadliest Silent KILLER …. DEPRESSION which is Triggered by a Life and Sense of Unhappiness; Sadness; Unworthiness and Lack of Self-LOVE.

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