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ROBIN WILLIAMS: Robbed by the Silent Thief


I woke up this morning to news of  actor and comedian Robin Williams’ death  (suicide by asphyxiation).   And you wonder, is anybody happy these days? Robin Williams made everyone laugh and his high energy at times masked his personal struggles.

“He had been battling severe depression of late,” Mara Buxbaum, his rep said in a statement to the press. “This is a tragic and sudden loss.” Robin Williams was 63 years old.

The World Health Organization has predicted that: ‘Depression will be the second leading killer disease and cause
of disability by 2020 and the No 1 killer disease and cause of disability by 2030’. ‘Depression is a stronger risk factor for heart disease & mental illness than smoking, alcoholism & bad cholesterol’

What exactly is depression?
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PRAYER: What You Are Doing Wrong.


Our God is a Simple God,Prayer is simply communicating with God and God communicating back to us. Many however, have turned prayer into a grand performance.Do you know that a simple heartfelt, prayer of faith always gets God’s attention?

Unfortunately, we often overlook this and turn our prayers into big performances and speeches which deliver no results.Who are we trying to impress with our physical demonstration, eloquence and vocabulary? God can’t be impressed, He created everything Afterall. More info



Yesterday was the 7-7-14 and 7 symbolizes the completeness and perfection of a season. We all know that When one season ends another season immediately begins

Today heralds the beginning of a New Season For you. Today is the 8th day and the number 8 Numerically and Spiritually symbolizes a New Beginning and a New Order. Now that the First half of the year is gone and the second part of the year begins, I declare that:

As your old season ended yesterday your new season began today
Receive the ability to create your own dreams, desired future and move all mountains before you
Everything that unfolds for you from today is positive and right for you More info


Gd Morn, I Believe that: “The Question of Death is the Beginning of Life; To Question Death not fear it Gives Life” If we don’t have within us that which is above us, we will yield to that which is around us ~ Selwyn Hughes “If we don’t CLEARY SEE that which is Ahead of us, we will often surrender…

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Gd Morn, 2014 is Our Year of Clarified VISION What is Vision? VISION is the Picture of Your FUTURE that You SEE, FEEL, BELIEVE, DECLARE and ACT on TODAY !!! 2014 is Truly our New Season and Beginning…. We are About to Experience Your Best Year Yet….. 2014 is our Year of Extra Ordinary VISION and IMAGINATION Manifesting in GREAT…

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