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Day 3 – IDENTITY: Have we lost ours as Africans?

In Game of Thrones, their IDENTITY was their right to EXIST. They were proud about who they were, hence, they announced and introduced themselves with a sense of PRIDE and it drove them and their daily actions. This was exhibited by the houses, their sigils (badges) and motto.

Examples of the main houses, their sigils and motto:

  1. House Lannister of Casterly Rock. Sigil-a Golden Lion. Motto: Hear Me Roar
  2. House Stark of Winterfell. Sigil- A grey wolf. Motto: Winter is coming
  3. House Targaryen of King’s Landing. Sigil- Three headed dragon. Motto: Fire and Blood
  4. House Tully of Riverrun. Sigil- Silver trout. Motto: Family, Duty, Honor
  5. House Tyrell of Highgarden. Sigil- Golden rose Motto: Growing Strong
  6. House Martell of Sunspear. Sigil- Sun pierced with a golden arrow. Motto: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken
  7. House Greyjoy of Pyke. Sigil- Golden kraken. Motto: We do not sow
  8. House Baratheon of Storm’s End. Sigil- Black stag. Motto: Ours is the fury
  9. House Arryn of the Eyrie. Sigil- White falcon and crescent moon. Motto: As high as honor
African Identity, have we lost it?

The Night’s Watch though not a house, had their own unique IDENTITY. They were members of an organization of sworn brothers who acted as a shield for the realms of men. They oversaw the 700-foot wall dividing the 7 Kingdoms from the haunted forest beyond. They wear only black, earning them the nickname ‘crows’. Even the white walkers, a mythological race, creatures not been seen for more than 8000 years, had their IDENTITY, knew it, lived by it and died for it.

Africa what is your IDENTITY?

Africans what is your IDENTITY?

Have we lost our identity as individuals and collectively as a people?

We need to wake up and shape up because we are nothing without embracing our true identity. When each African embraces his/her identity, and we each become all we have been created to BE, then AFRICA will RULE the world again.


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