Here is another Dimension to making the imPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE. With God ALL things are POSSIBLE. However, it’s God’s responsibility to bless us but it’s our responsibility to receive and keep our blessings.

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God is not going to BLESS you. God has ALREADY BLESSED you. It has ALREADY HAPPENED in the Spiritual. So, how do you make it POSSIBLE in the Physical? He’s made what seems imPOSSIBLE to man POSSIBLE ALREADY. You must therefore BELIEVE; RECEIVE; CONFESS and KEEP his BLESSINGS by :   More info

WISDOM NUGGETS FOR TODAY: What is Your Honor Quotient?

As You daily Attract, Develop and Sustain HONOR You must Measure your HONOR QUOTIENT So how do You Measure Your HONOR QUOTIENT? Let me take my example from a secular perspective It is customary for those who are in the entertainment industry to receive Praise, Endearment, Adoration, Accolades which is mistaken for HONOR. Many people Celebrate and sometimes even Worship Musicians,…

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