How to Press the Reset Button and Finish 2016 in Style!

It’s almost the end of 2016, how have you done so far with your 2016 Goals? You can start afresh and still finish the year and beyond in style.  You may be saying to yourself right now “but September is almost over, how do I finish 2016 in style?” Life is about what you make of it and you can do a whole lot for your life with our Life Coaching Class holding this month at The Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy (OLCA) from the 10th to 16th of October, 2016 in Lagos.

OLCA provides you a unique opportunity to give meaning to your Career, Business, Relationship and Life with this bespoke Life Success Coaching Program which will be majorly facilitated by The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola himself!

With the class, you can bring harmony to your life as you begin to gain a “bird’s eye” perspective into your life; provide structure for you and others to help create and achieve short, medium and long term goals.

Using the wheel of life, one of the most powerful coaching tools, you will be taken through the art, science, psychology and physiology of holistic living, by working through the following 12 most critical areas of life:

  1. Your Health, Fitness, Wellness,Well-being & Sound Mind (Spiritually, Psychologically, Emotionally & Physically)
  2. Your Life’s Overall Aspirations and Desired Achievement Goals.
  3. The attainment of a Life of Purpose, Contentment, Harmony and Peace.
  4. Creating and Maintaining the Career, Work or Business of your dreams.
  5. Attainment of the highest form of spirituality, safety, hope, faith and security.
  6. Understanding the matrix of human behavior which in itself equips you with the sublime tools needed to manage all of life’s diverse relationships. Creating an environment that helps you become all you aspire for.
  7. Creating and maintaining positive Energy, personal power and passion is very critical to overcoming challenges in life, business and at work. Without it one will be constantly deflated and depressed especially in our current climes.
  8. Having a healthy Self Worth, Esteem, Confidence and Belief is the permission one gives himself and others to succeed. Without this secret cocktail in operation one will continually struggle with the attainment of excellence and achieving successful outcomes.
  9. Fun, recreation and rest are critical needs that we all must meet daily.  This class will show you the key to doing what you love and loving what you do. Incorporating fun into work and constantly being in a place of tranquility, peace and rest on your feet and in the midst of chaos is key to consistent success.



10. Home and Family are usually neglected when one is consistently striving to succeed but really home and family should be ones haven, the environment that refreshes, rejuvenates and replenishes you daily preparing you to launch out into the crazy world each day. This class will help you take cognizance of this and prioritize home and family as well as other aspects of life.

11. Relationship or marriage is very key because whoever you’re in a relationship with determines your state of mind. You’re either happy or sad. This plays a big role in your overall attainment in life, career work or business. The state of your relationship with your spouse will influence your state. A negative state, negatively affects your resourcefulness and vice versa. Your relationship or marriage is a key component of your overall success.

12.  Money and Finances. What can you do without money? Absolutely nothing, for money answers to all things. Your state of mind is often influenced by your financial status. Your ability to focus and stay focused is influenced by your financial independence. Developing financial intelligence is a key to living life to the fullest.

In this class, we introduce some critical coaching tools and work with each participant to  be their best self and equip them to in turn help others achieve the same. Register yourself, friend, colleague, sibling today for this life coaching class and be equipped to achieving your highest potential.


Fees for Life Coaching Certification:

U.K. Certification; N560,000

Nigerian Certification; N360,000

Certificate of Attendance: N200,000


Date: 10th – 16th of October.

Time: 9am-4pm Daily.

Call 08077077000 or email registration closes on the 7th of October, 2016.

Life Coaching Testimonials from a few of our students over the years:

“I’m a wife, mother and entrepreneur. At the time that I signed up for the Life coaching class I was an expatriate in Nigeria. I was at a cross road and somewhat confused and depressed.  My encounter with Life Coaching…..was the beginning of the rest of my life. I now feel very fulfilled in the different areas of my life.”  – Mullenga (Zambia)


“It is a gross understatement when I say that one of the best decisions I made in recent years was to experience the Life coaching course at OLCA. First, it further helped me solve my most crucial need at the time (which is actually the most basic and urgent need for every man) – ‘The discovery and understanding of Self’, and to crown it, it also empowered me with wonderful tools to engage in my passion which is helping people re-discover themselves, and along with it, their peace and wholeness within.  And the good part about this is that it ALWAYS leads to a resolution of whatever challenge is in focus. Life coaching is very practical and it works like magic” 

Maryanne Idokogi


“As a pastor and investment banker, I used to waste my energy & resources trying to achieve my dreams until I came to OLCA. It was during the Life Coaching class that, I learnt how to channel my energy & resources properly. I was taught the Power of Goal Setting and my life has never been the same again. I can now help people more effectively solve their problems as a Pastor.” 

Pastor Wole Olusola


Published by The Catalyst’s Team 


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You can’t know everything and you can’t have everything, sorry; it’s a fact of life; you will always need to LEVERAGE on other people because MAN is limited; limited to time, money, capacity and several other kinds of resources. One of the most important places you go to in the time of need is your Phone Contact List. Telephone is the fastest medium of communication and in it we save names and numbers of people. Ever wondered why you have to save someone’s number?

The answer is simple; it’s simply to be able to relate with them continuously. Logically, when you RELATE with them, you build a RELATIONSHIP and relationship as you know is the single most important resources anyone can have. From that phone you can immediately get out of debt, get out of danger, get a highly needed equipment and so on by just placing a call; sometimes I wonder how we survived a life without mobile phone. Now your ability to Leverage on someone in the time of need from that phone will be determined by the color of that contact. The contacts on your phone are divided into four different colors namely; Red, Blue, Green and Black Contacts. More info


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sex (love making) can change your productivity! Do you have problem connecting sex to work? Do you think sex is a waste of time? Do you have problem with your love making and your performance at work? Then you are on the right page.

In my personal research I discovered sex with productivity is one of the issues facing families today! Some think “if I run away from sex I will be more productive” I bring good news to you; your sex life can change your productivity! Some couples see sex as weakening and they rather abstain if they want to be more productive the next day. Bellow are 3 ways sex can turn around your productivity: More info