Today, we discuss Principle No 5 from the scissors – Synergy. Synergy is the key to the effectiveness of a pair of scissors – the two parts must come together and work together before anything can be cut. Without this synergy no cut will happen.

No matter how sharp and beautiful each part is, to maximize their potential, they have to be joined together. During the purpose of their joining it’s important that they are equals(s) if not, they won’t function optimally. They work and walk best side by side not front to back. Men must understand that their wives are equals with them even though they’re required to submit to the Lord through them in the marriage.  For smooth and perfect cuts, the two parts must become ONE. Learn more

LIFE LESSONS FROM NATURE: Know and Master Your Battle Ground

LIFE LESSONS FROM NATURE Principles of an Eagle : Principle No (9)

So, we were supposed to stop at the 8th principle as written by Dr. Myles Munroe but I got inspired and added a 9th principle which I believe is very important and can be applied in all facets of our lives, seeing as we fight different battles daily.

When engaged in battle with its enemy the snake, the Eagle knows that it’s place of POWER is its HIGH ALTITUDE and PLACE OF REST. More info


Here is another Dimension to making the imPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE. With God ALL things are POSSIBLE. However, it’s God’s responsibility to bless us but it’s our responsibility to receive and keep our blessings.

Get this:

God is not going to BLESS you. God has ALREADY BLESSED you. It has ALREADY HAPPENED in the Spiritual. So, how do you make it POSSIBLE in the Physical? He’s made what seems imPOSSIBLE to man POSSIBLE ALREADY. You must therefore BELIEVE; RECEIVE; CONFESS and KEEP his BLESSINGS by :   More info