Why Human Resources & Coaching is a Winning Partnership

Coaching is a process that is designed to assist individuals in making changes to further their professional development. Working with a coach can give an employee the edge needed to improve their work skills, discover their strengths, and achieve organizational goals through peak performance. Coaching in organization and leadership settings is an invaluable tool for developing people across a wide…

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The Best Way to End 2016

2016 is winding down and 2017 is already booting. As we approach yet the end of another year, all through the remaining days of December, I will be sharing about this special season and endings in general.

I hope you’re not looking back in regret? Life gifts us many things often times that we may not see as such. The best way to live with a positive mental attitude is learning to appreciate life with its many blessings – some good, others seemingly not so good. More info