QUICK TIPS : Developing a Healthy Self-Worth and Self-Esteem

After taking The Catalyst Self Esteem Quick Test (Take it HERE if you haven’t taken it yet) and seeing your scores, the next step is to start with these quick tips and immediately work on developing yourself. Remember, the level of your Energy, Self Worth, Self Esteem and Confidence determines your level of motivation and consistency towards achieving your overall…

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LEICESTER CITY: 33 Things You Can Learn From Them

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE LEICESTER TEAM FOR WINNING THE EPL!! Did you know that at the start of the season, Leicester were 5,000-1 with bookmakers to win the league? In fact, Bookies thought Kim Kardashian becoming US president was more likely than Leicester City winning the English Premier League but on the 2nd of May 2016, the “oddest” happened and the least likely were crowned kings of the EPL!
This brings to mind the popular saying, “never count anyone out”! I have written 33 lessons we can all learn from the Leicester team. More info

LIFE LESSONS FROM NATURE: Leadership Principle No. 4 From The Lion

Today, we continue with our series on Life Lessons from Nature – 10 Leadership Principles from the Lion

Principle No 4 : The Lion has a Succession Plan for its Kingdom

This is another great quality I learnt as I watched several documentaries on the Lion. As a leader, do you have a succession plan and an exit date or do you want to remain in that position forever? More info