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The Law of Effective Communication

Effective Communication is key. What you say to yourself and others; what others say to themselves and you; What you both understand about what you’re communicating is the key to great rapport. This determines whether you have a great personal or business relationship.    The evidence that you have communicated effectively is measured by the response you get from the person…

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DAY 48 – Master your Health, Wellness & Well-being – Eliminate STRESS  

Principle 36 – Master your Health, Wellness & Wellbeing – Eliminate STRESS   Health is Wealth. “95% of Disease is Caused by STRESS and 100% of STRESS is caused by a Wrong Belief” – Dr Bruce Lipton PhD   “80-90% of health challenges are preventable and accounts for approximately 90% of healthcare costs, on individuals, organizations and nations, while about 95% of this is STRESS-RELATED” – W.H.O   …

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