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Why Falz’s Latest Video is Critical for Our Society Today

Depression, Suicide and Substance Abuse seem to suddenly be on the rise in Nigeria today mainly amongst the youth. Some say it’s the result of foreign influence. However, research has shown that what we are currently experiencing as a nation, is the result of our negligence, ignorance and lack of acceptance of the real issues in our society which are…

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DEPRESSION: 12 Most Common Symptoms and How You Can Combat It

emotionssSo, we talked about depression yesterday but how do you know you or someone close to you is depressed?

Here are the most common symptoms of depression.

1) Persistent sad or empty feeling.
2) Difficulty sleeping (sleeping too much or too little).
3) Insomnia (early morning awakening).
4) Feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and worthlessness.
5) Feelings of guilt.
6) Loss of interest or the ability to enjoy oneself.
7) Loss of energy or fatigue.
8) Difficulty concentrating, thinking or making decisions.
9) Changes in appetite (overeating or loss of appetite).
10) Observable mental and physical sluggishness.
11) Persistent aches or pains, headaches, cramps, or digestive problems that do not ease even with treatment.
12) Thoughts of death or suicide.

As an Emotions Therapist, Health Coach and Psychologist, I am trained to help people deal with this Silent Killer. From the work I have done in the last couple of years the truth is that a lot of people are walking around depressed, smiling outside and dying inside. It’s not just about having a bad day, or a bad week; depression is a psychological condition that needs to be quickly and professionally dealt with.
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ROBIN WILLIAMS: Robbed by the Silent Thief


I woke up this morning to news of  actor and comedian Robin Williams’ death  (suicide by asphyxiation).   And you wonder, is anybody happy these days? Robin Williams made everyone laugh and his high energy at times masked his personal struggles.

“He had been battling severe depression of late,” Mara Buxbaum, his rep said in a statement to the press. “This is a tragic and sudden loss.” Robin Williams was 63 years old.

The World Health Organization has predicted that: ‘Depression will be the second leading killer disease and cause
of disability by 2020 and the No 1 killer disease and cause of disability by 2030’. ‘Depression is a stronger risk factor for heart disease & mental illness than smoking, alcoholism & bad cholesterol’

What exactly is depression?
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