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It’s Time to Break Free From Your Pseudo-Identity.

Still on the concept of stolen identities and Africa’s reawakening. Africa has lost her authentic IDENTITY and have been given a pseudo identity, just like Theon Greyjoy lost his authentic identity in Game of Thrones and was given a pseudo identity and a different name Reek, by his new captor and master.

Once Theon lost his identity, he immediately lost his mind and became a shadow of himself. Thank God he clawed back and regained his identity and honor back, but he had paid the ultimate price. Through this process, he lost his manhood, meaning that his future legacy, name and identity would be erased forever as he could not procreate.

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This is the story of Africa and Africans today. We’re currently living sub-normal lives simply because we gave up our identity. Where Africa is today, is our collective faults (over several generations past, till date). Let us all take personal responsibility and begin to change the narrative in our individual lives, families, businesses, offices and within our spheres of influence every day.

Africans, I challenge you to take your rightful place!

Africa take back your identity!

For this to happen, it has to be “For Africa By Africans”

The Catalyst


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