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RUGA – The sum must always be greater than the parts.

What does Ruga really mean? Some have said it is an Hausa term that means cow settlement while others say it’s an acronym for Rural Grazing Area (RUGA). Regardless of the origin and meaning of the name, the Ruga settlement project aims to secure land from “willing states,” build schools, clinics, houses and other infrastructure and settle the nomads in…

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I was asked to speak to  Graduates of the Top Grade Secondary School today on the theme, Education is Freedom. I was very excited to speak to these crop of people as I don’t get to talk to  young ones like these often and then the topic was on Education. What better way to make impact? I want to share my speech with you because I believe that Education on all fronts is the biggest need in the world especially in our part of Africa.

This topic particularly reminds me of 200+  Chibok school girls whose freedom were taken away from them just because they wanted education. Even the terrorist sect,m Boko Haram understand that Education is Freedom that is why they are fighting against it. Please find my speech below. More info