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DAY 9 – The Law of Alignment

Day 9 – 9th September, 2017 
Principle 9 – The Law of Alignment. Align your Goals and Vision with your Core Values and Beliefs.
The no. 1 reason why people don’t achieve their Goals, Vision and Mission generally is because of SELF SABOTAGE. Self -sabotage is the result of lack of alignment between Goals, Vision, Mission, Beliefs and Core Values. It is that unexplained inner resistance that gets in your way or interrupts you from achieving your Goals, Vision, Mission and Purpose.
Self-sabotage reveals itself asunconscious fear, Indecision, procrastination, mediocrity, welcomed distraction, Perfectionism paralysis, being overly critical and judgmental of self and others
and making excuses. 
To avoid the crippling effect of self-sabotage, to sustain motivation towards the fulfillment of and to consistently achieve your goals, vision, mission and purpose, there are times you must change your values, or beliefs or even goals.
Alignment is being flexible and dynamic enough to change any of these components (goals, vision, mission and purpose) to power and reinforce the others.
Can you believe it’s day 9 already? How are you putting the lessons shared so far to good use? I’d like to hear from you on how you are practicalizing these laws and principles even as we continue with our 50 Principles for 50 Days series in the remaining 41 days.
The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola
Behavioral Change Psychologist 

LESSONS FROM NATURE – 10 Leadership Principles From The Lion

We have had back to back success with our nature series –  from the Eagle to the Ant and most recently, the Hen. This week, we continue our series on Life Lessons from Nature with the 10 Leadership Principles from the Lion. This series was inspired by my friend and brother Pastor Wole Olusola.

Principle No 1:  The Lion only hunts when there is a need for it (When it is hungry). Purpose is what drives the Lion to Act. More info