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DAY 30 – The Principle of Self-Worth  

Day 30 – 30th September, 2017 Law  25. – The Principle of self worth   Do you have a healthy Self-esteem?   Do you have a positive self-worth?   Do you have self-dignity and self-respect?   Do you have self-confidence?   Do you have self-belief?   Rate yourself in each of these components on a scale of 0-10. Self-worth attract it’s kind. Respect…

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QUICK TIPS : Developing a Healthy Self-Worth and Self-Esteem

After taking The Catalyst Self Esteem Quick Test (Take it HERE if you haven’t taken it yet) and seeing your scores, the next step is to start with these quick tips and immediately work on developing yourself. Remember, the level of your Energy, Self Worth, Self Esteem and Confidence determines your level of motivation and consistency towards achieving your overall…

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