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COACHING SOCIAL MEDIA WEEK: Attaining Sexual Satisfaction Without Intercourse

Written By: The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola 


Close your eyes and imagine yourself experiencing Extreme Pleasure and Satisfaction
How long did it take before your mind took you to sex?
Hmmmmmm !!!!

Sex, Sexual Intimacy and Sexual Satisfaction are Real and Genuine needs that we all have. Did you know that on the marslow’s hierarchy of needs, Sex is one of the two needs that comes up twice …. Indicating how serious a need Sex is. Did you also know that having regular sex in a safe and secure relationship like marriage with one partner has immense medical benefits?

Great Sex and Sexual Satisfaction can help boost your immune system, your fertility, it can help you sleep better, help your skin look younger, help you overcome high blood pressure and high cholesterol; It can even help you extend your lifespan. Great Sex and Sexual Satisfaction has been known to help decrease depression and enhance happiness especially with a loved one Learn more

COACHING SOCIAL MEDIA WEEK: Four Colors Of People On Your Phone Contact List;

Written By: Enahoro Okhae


You can’t know everything and you can’t have everything, sorry; it’s a fact of life; you will always need to LEVERAGE on other people because MAN is limited; limited to time, money, capacity and several other kinds of resources. One of the most important places you go to in the time of need is your Phone Contact List. Telephone is the fastest medium of communication and in it we save names and numbers of people. Ever wondered why you have to save someone’s number?

The answer is simple; it’s simply to be able to relate with them continuously. Logically, when you RELATE with them, you build a RELATIONSHIP and relationship as you know is the single most important resources anyone can have. From that phone you can immediately get out of debt, get out of danger, get a highly needed equipment and so on by just placing a call; sometimes I wonder how we survived a life without mobile phone. Now your ability to Leverage on someone in the time of need from that phone will be determined by the color of that contact. The contacts on your phone are divided into four different colors namely; Red, Blue, Green and Black Contacts. More info


Written by Bashir Abolore Muse

rich man poor man


From the time immemorial, the world has been and remained a bipolar entity. As all things exist in two forms; Good or Bad, True or False, White or Black, Yes or No and the list goes on and on. The battle for supremacy is forever going to persist as long as human exist. It is an obvious truth that no one can be adjudged a winner if there is no one willing to accept defeat. There is always two sides to a coin. More info

COACHING SOCIAL MEDIA WEEK : Sex Powers Productivity

Written by Remi Dairo 


My name is Coach Remi Dairo; my clients call me MR PRODUCTIVITY! I am a personal Productivity Coach.  At this forum I will be exposing to you how sex powers productivity! Yes,
sex (love making) can change your productivity! Do you have problem connecting sex to work? Do you think sex is a waste of time? Do you have problem with your love making and your performance at work? Then you are on the right page.

In my personal research I discovered sex with productivity is one of the issues facing families today! Some think “if I run away from sex I will be more productive” I bring good news to you; your sex life can change your productivity! Some couples see sex as weakening and they rather abstain if they want to be more productive the next day. Bellow are 3 ways sex can turn around your productivity: More info


Written By Sam Obafemi


Truth is: You are entitled to every moment when you have been angry; and validly so, you need to get angry when you want.

It is absolutely NORMAL, SAFE, BENEFICIAL and VALID to get angry. It is YOUR RIGHT.

This may be very difficult for you to agree with, like many Clients of mine first have to contend with. For this reason, let’s discuss the emotion, Anger.


  • Is It Proper to get Angry?
  • Is It Sinful to be Angry?
  • Can you Justify Being Angry? More info


Written By Lanre Olusola 

helping hands catalyst

Nobody can achieve anything all by themselves

No man is an island

We need relationships to ‘BeAllWeWereBornToBe’

From my works over the years, I have come to realize that relationships fail and marriages break up not because of love lost but because couples do not understand each other’s needs; don’t know how to meet these needs and/or can’t be bothered to meet each other’s needs

This morning I want to speak to the women about how to meet the needs of their men and in the evening I will speak to the men about how to meet the needs of their women More info