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LESSONS FROM NATURE – 10 Leadership Principles From The Lion

We have had back to back success with our nature series –  from the Eagle to the Ant and most recently, the Hen. This week, we continue our series on Life Lessons from Nature with the 10 Leadership Principles from the Lion. This series was inspired by my friend and brother Pastor Wole Olusola.

Principle No 1:  The Lion only hunts when there is a need for it (When it is hungry). Purpose is what drives the Lion to Act. Learn more

CRISTIANO RONALDO: The Honor in Hard Work

WHO IS A MAN OF HONOR? Christiano Ronaldo who was yesterday HONORED as the World’s best footballer for the 3rd Time, believes that work ethic, dedication, commitment and consistency are the keys that set him apart from other players. He validates what we have been talking about all month “HONOR” He knows that; HONOR from Hard/Smart Work Elevates, Promotes and…

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