Tag: Wole Olusola


Written By: Wole Olusola 

There is an innate desire to succeed in every man and that’s why we all desire it. Success has so many definitions. To many people, Success is all about making money etc. If we use different definitions of Success, we would be doing the concept of Success a great disservice. In order to avoid this, we would go for a simple definition that encapsulates what Success is and this is, “Success is the achievement of a set goal.”


This definition makes Success all encompassing, fulfilling, progressive and focused. All-encompassing because you can set goals for every area of your life; finances, career, marriage etc. Fulfilling because when the goal is achieved it gives you a sense of fulfilment and you look forward to the next goal. Progressive, because Success is not a destination; it is an adventure. Finally, Success breeds focus because when goals are set, you have a picture of what to look forward to and it helps you not to under achieve.

There are some fundamental principles that govern the attainment of Success and these are the things that prepare you for it. Learn more